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by - 12.9.12

Hey guys, how's life?

Post rápido e nada interativo:
As mais de 50 perguntas, chamadas fundamentais para a host family.

50? Fundamentais? Sei, sei!

Você poderá ler sobre o que eu penso disso no meu post no blog das 30 au pairs .  

Alguns Ctrl + Cs , Ctrl + Vs mais tarde... O que você encontra em todos os sites de Au Pair: 

About the children:
- How many children are there?
- What are their names?
- How old are they?
- What do they like to do?
- What are their favorite games and toys?
- Se a criança for bebê: Is she/he walking and talking yet?
- Are they energetic or calm kids?
- What do they like to do in their free time?
- Are they in the school? How they go to school?
- Am I gonna be supposed to take them to school by car?
- What do they usually eat? (for breakfast and lunch)
- Am I be supposed to make dinner?
- Is there any kind of food that you don't eat?
- Have the kids suffer from any kind of allergies?
About the parents:
- What is your name? What is your wife's name (or husband)? How old are you?
- Do the both parents work?
- Where do you work and what do you do?
- Do you have any religion?
- What are your hobbies?
- Do family members or relatives live nearby?
- What qualities do you find important in an au Pair? What are you expecting from me?
- What are the house's rules?
- What are the family activities on the weekends?
About their home:
- Where do you live? In whih state?
- Is it a small town?
- Is it near a big city? Which one?
- Is it too cold in the city? Snow there?
- Do you live in house or apartment?
- Do you have pets?
- Do you have a housekeeper?
- What about the au pair's bedroom, what part of the house is the bedroom located?
- Will I have a private room, bathroom?
- Are there other families with children nearby?
- Are there any other au pairs in the area?
- What things are there to do with the children?
About the Au Pair's Duties:
- Will I be responsible for any household duties? If so, which ones?
- What will be my responsibilities with each kid?
- What will my schedule be like?
- Will I have access to internet and computer on my free time?
- Can I receive and make phone calls in your house?
- Will I have time to study? What time? Can I study when the children are in the school?
- Are there any English Schools near your house?
- What time can I get home during the week and on the weekends?
About the car:
- Will I have permission to use the car? How often? How far?
- Is a state driver's license required?
- Are there only certain times when I can use the car?
- Can I use the car during my free time?
- Who will pay for the gas when I use the car?
About the Au Pair job:
- Why are you interested in getting an au Pair?
- Have you ever had an au pair before? Is she living with you yet?
- Would you mind if I ask you to talk to her or send her an e-mail?
Perguntas para a atual Au Pair, caso eles tenham:
- What do you think about the family? And the kids?
- Are they nice with you?
- Do they pay you weekly or per month?
- Do you do extra work? I mean, if you work for other people, take care of their kids or clean the garden from neighborhood?
- Do you do any course? If so, are the courses near from the house?
- Is there any cool near place to go there?
- What do you think they would like to receive as a gift?

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